Follow the steps below to redeem the deal:

  1. Click on the link received via email, and input the code* from your VeryMe app

  2. Input your name and email address

  3. Input the 4 digit code sent to you via email

  4. Download WithU from the App/Play Store and login with the same email you input at step two. If you already have WithU installed on your device, you’ll need to log out, shut down the app, re-open the app, and then log in.

By redeeming this deal, you'll override your existing membership period. Your updated membership will end 12 months from the date of redemption.

*This code is available in your VeryMe app for 24 hours only, after the offer has gone live (00:01am on 27th January 2023). It’s a single-use code unique to each individual member, and it will be burnt after use.

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