The WithU trainers are from far and wide, with most coming from a personal trainer background and all being experts in the health and fitness industry. We have trainers who are primarily athletes, dancers, fitness professional and we even have Olympians. Each with a different personality and style but all experts in their field.

Our trainers have been selected through a rigorous process prior to becoming WithU trainers. We focus on the following three key areas;

  1. Our trainers are experts in coaching members through a workout as part of a well-constructed training programme which will reap benefits for those who follow it.

  2. Our trainer's personality always shines through, ensuring they connect and inspire.

  3. Our trainers have a combination of innate ability and years of experience to know exactly when and where to guide, correct and motivate. They're there to remind you when to watch form, offer encouragement and ultimately guide you through to complete the workout.

Our trainers are what make WithU special. Find out more about our trainers on our App.

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