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Why are WithU workouts audio based?
Why are WithU workouts audio based?
Written by Edward Hewett
Updated over a week ago

We believe that audio is the best way to experience fitness content.

Audio allows you to focus on your form and the exercise you are completing, not a screen. It is challenging to continually look at a screen while you’re running, doing yoga or lifting weights - we know, we've tried!

The audio workouts on WithU keep you motivated when the workout gets tough and utilises form cues to help you complete the exercise properly, without having to hit pause.

You don't need to see someone complete 20 jumping jacks to get the most out of your workout! Should you need a visual cue on an exercise you're not familiar with, we have our 3D avatar to support you. Our exercise library is another tool you can use to practice and perfect your form.

We're believers in freedom of movement, reduced downtime and removing distractions. Audio delivers this. Simply connect your headphones, press play and you're away.

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