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How the WithU rewards and recognition program works

Written by Kaleigh Scott
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WithU Points

WithU Points are points that can be earned by completing workouts, and a great way of keeping you both motivated and accountable for your results. The number of points earned in each workout is calculated by the intensity and duration. You will be able to both increase your lifetime point total and accumulate points towards your status level.

Status Levels

By accumulating WithU points you will be able to progress through WithU status levels. You will have needed to earn the following amount of points by completing workouts in a 30-day rolling period. To maintain your status level, you will need to ensure you have accumulated the required WithU points within the last 30 days.

Member – Up to 500 WithU points

Competitor – 500 to 1000 WithU points

Athlete – 1000 to 1500 WithU points

Pro – 1500+ WithU points

Achievement Badges

In addition to earning WithU points and status levels, you have the ability to earn achievement badges along the way. Achievement badges can be earned for workout streaks, number of workouts completed per discipline and much more! You can view your achievement badges in the profile section of the app.

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